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Frequently Asked Questions

Honest and clear answers to your most common questions.

1. Who is ExpoSystem aimed at?
2. What kinds of events do you support?
3. What kind of solutions do you provide to event organizers?
4. How can attendees register for my event(s)?
5. In which countries is your system available?
6. Do you provide on-site support during the event days?
7. How quickly can your support team respond to an immediate case?
8. Do I need IT staff to manage events' registration?
9. What do you mean by flat, predictable costs?
10. Are there any other costs I have to consider?
11. How do you treat my data and my visitors' database?
12. Can I export my visitors' database?
13. Can my registration forms be available in multiple languages?
14. Do I need special hardware for the registration terminals?
15. I need a feature not provided by your system. What can you do?
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