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Offline Registration & Badge Printing Software

Relax With Our Unbreakable Offline Registration

Powering visitors' registration at big trade shows for years, with great success.

An amazingly stable on-site registration & badge printing solution.

Registering tens of thousands of visitors on-site during the event days is not a simple task at all. And definitely, it's not a task you can delegate and count its success on average solutions.

Our on-site registration software (registration terminals) offers an unparalleled and amazingly stable registration experience to your visitors. Its battle-tested architecture offers smooth, continuous, and uninterruptible visitor registration that guarantees zero downtimes in its operation, no matter the network availability and conditions inside the venue.

Using new, high-end user interface technologies, the on-site registration screens are outstanding, highly professional, fast, and come with countless customization and styling options.

Badges are just one more shining part of our solution. We give you fine-grained control over the badge design and printing flow. Visitors have multiple options to get it: either in print, directly on their smartphone, or even on WhatsApp.

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100% unbreakable registration procedure

Blazing fast user interface technologies, blended with eye-catching animations and transitions, offer an unmatched registration experience to your visitors.

Just a few of our offline registration highlights are:

  • check Amazingly stable on-site registration
  • check Exceptional registration experience
  • check Super-fast registration process
  • check Operating as both self-registration kiosks or registration desks
  • check Multiple badge output options (digital or in print)
  • check Fully customized registration screens and badge designs
  • check Beautifully crafted on-screen effects, transitions and animations
  • check Multilingual support for over 40 languages
We can't describe our solution better in words. It's best to experience it in a demo.
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